About Us


The real estate world has been traversed for many years. We may not be the pioneers of real estate itself, but we ARE the pioneers of Millennial Real Estate.


Our philosophy, as Madison Chase Real Estate Team, is that your dreams should be your investment. Real Estate is possibly one of the safest and most lucrative long-term investments available. However, the acquisition of Real Estate has been practiced habitually rather than evolutionarily. This monotonous process of buying and selling is exhausted in our Millennial world. Today we leverage science and technology in ways that were once unimaginable, it is time that we begin to imagine a new world of real estate – Millennial Real Estate. Madison Chase is Millennial Real Estate and our niche is evolution, expansion and Earth. Through knowledge and experience, we implement successful marketing strategies and we utilize the latest technologies to provide exclusive service. Madison Chase not only revolutionizes the way real estate is traded, but is the pioneer of Millennial Real Estate.  #InvestingInYourDreams



meet THE team


madison fairchild

Madison Fairchild is an astute intellect that commands evolution at all times. Madison’s goal is to shift perspective about Real Estate, to rewrite the process in which real estate is traded, and to provide impeccable service to all of her clients.  

Madison’s assertive, humorous nature and ability to communicate with precision are two of the largest contributing factors to the success of the Madison Chase Team. Her confidence, track record, and ability to listen assure her clients that they are in the best of hands 

Madison believes in the philosophy "One Size Does Not Fit All."

“It would be impossible to approach every property, every client, or every transaction in the exact same way. We are all individuals, every property is individual, and the agent that is representing you needs to not only support your individuality, but they need to highlight it!”

She calls her approach to marketing and sales “Stylized Simplicity.” For every property and every client she develops a cutting edge, one of a kind, and simplistic plan that ensures success. She then skillfully executes that plan. Madison’s standard of service is simply unsurpassable. 



Chase pope

Chase Pope is an effective individual that provides a grounded approach to the real estate investment world. His passion for real estate and residual income stems from his desire to help individuals and families gain the freedom necessary to pursue whatever it is that they love most. Through intellect, honesty and integrity, Chase cultivates a trusted professional relationship with each client. He believes that wealth is built upon stable assets that generate value and security at all times. Chase lives the investment principles that have been successful for decades and builds his clients’ investment portfolios upon the foundation of proven ideologies. Each investor, client, and homeowner is unique, so Chase develops malleable strategies to support each one of their needs. 

"A successful investment is simply an educated strategy, with patience, precision, and execution."



rick lambdin

Rick Lambdin is an exceptional professional. His twenty-four years of sales, business, and real estate experience put him in a unique position to serve his clients and his community. Rick seeks a higher standard in all aspects of life and holds himself to an unmatched standard of integrity. Every client and every transaction is handled with the utmost care and attention. Rick recognizes the difference between movement and progress. He has positioned himself on the Madison Chase Real Estate Team as his goal is to work purposefully with his clients to build a foundation of security, financial well being, and opportunity. His passion to support others is what fuels him each and everyday.  

"The rewarding feeling gained from serving others, especially in one of the most impactful events in someone's life, is one that you simply cannot duplicate."



Kelli Vitale

Kelli is an accomplished business women that makes a difference in the lives of every person that she touches. She has been licensed in real estate for the last 15 years and holds an MBA in executive management. Kelli is a natural born leader in all aspects of her life. Her bold and authentic demeanor is what yields her clients the results that they are after. Kelli's clients look to her for support not only in Real Estate, but in all of their investment endeavors.



Yatzeny Cuevas

Yatzeny has found her passion in helping others achieve their goals through real estate. She excels in communication, creative negotiation, and client support. Her positive, yet determined nature is what sets her apart from the rest. Yatzeny provides a high-quality, personalized platform to support her clients' short term and long term investment objectives. She is always expanding her network while building her clients' net worth and strives to be a resource for every person that she meets. 

"My priority is to exceed my clients' expectations and position them so that they may capitalize on any and all opportunities that come their way."

Yatzeny, also, has a unique advantage through the transactional and negation process - she is able to support both English and Spanish speaking clients and transactional counter parts. Yo hablo Español!